Lidia Cardinale lives intensely the fashion world from twenty-five years between rewarding successes and new ideas,with a constant desire to get involved and with the right determination to face the challenges of world changes.
A Woman  with Italy deep south origin, as she likes to describe herself, she moved to Milan where she has been graduated at the Accademia of  Brera, then taught art for twenty years. She married very young and has two children, Michele and Andrew Russo also promoters of a brand of clothing for young people.
Fashion and clothing have always been the background to her career, first as a passion painting fabrics for her friends, and become its sole and desired activities.
In  1985 born   "Lidia Cardinale", a name which today means clothes high fashion, wedding dresses and pret à porter, a name that recalls the beauty of women, a name that hovers in the catwalks of Milan and now is exploring new foreign markets, like Saudi Arabia, China, Russia.
Since four years her collection is presented on the Milano Fashion Week, a demanding and challenging experience but full of great satisfaction,
some of the many satisfactions has been to see her creations  in broadcasting as UNO MATTINA and CASA RAI UNO.
Lidia Cardinale recently participated at the "Los Angeles Fashion Week" with great success and rewarding. Successfull Women and a member of AIDDA,
Last September she received the award for entrepreneur of Brescia.
Now she lives between Milano and Brescia and she is divided between her  two showrooms in Brescia and in Milan.