It is not life .. without fashion.

Passion and personality.
Strong feelings, moods hot clips.
Highly expressive images.
A portrait couture painted with gorgeous colors.
From there started Lidia Cardinale, from the Deep South, from its land in Puglia
Talk about an eccentric woman, beautiful and unconventional with the desire for pleasure in the blood to be seen.

Works on the market for over twenty years becoming known thanks to the professionalism and tailored to freedom of choice and request the "custom".
He purchased two exhibition spaces for the creation and sale in the center of Brescia and one in Milan.

In 2002, he created a line pręt-a-porter innovative.
Is enjoying success in Italy and abroad, in particular in the Arab countries where they are valued evening dresses, real pieces of high fashion.
Also collaborate in the company's two sons Michael and Andrew.